Interior Designers Are Here To Help

Let’s start off with that an interior designer actually is and is not. They are not interior decorators as they are often confused with. Interior designers are certified, require a degree, and continually take courses to keep their license up to date. Decorators are able to accessorize spaces: colors, furniture, materials, flooring, almost anything not structural to the home.

Interior designers offer different services based on their expertise. Many designers offer full-service from the ground up. Designers have been through many remodels and builds so they know the process very well. Interior designs can recommend contractors with whom they have worked with before and trust. While working with an interior designer on a remodel your designer can: field questions, make decisions on your behalf if you choose, source products, and give you peace of mind.

Another reason to work with an interior designer is the contacts with other vendors. Many times, designers will have access to paint colors, furniture, flooring, and more not available to the general public. They can also have access to deals through companies they work with often.

At the most basic level, an interior designer is there to make your home cohesive and beautiful. They will work with you and the contractor to realize your dream space. At the end of the day your interior designer will create the “wow” factor for your home.

Kam Idris – Modern minimalist home design.