Kitchen Appliances You Need

Whether you’re an aspiring home cook or professional chef-in-training, there are some appliances every kitchen needs. Learn more about the top 5 kitchen appliances every home should have, then stop into Keidel Supply to stock up today! 


While this may seem obvious, not all fridges are the same. Depending on your space limitations, the amount of food you need to store, and your budget, you have many different options. Options include top and bottom freezers, French door fridges, and side-by-side refrigerators. 


While some kitchens may not have the option for a dishwasher, they are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances on the market. Even if you have more delicate dishware that you prefer to hand wash, you can’t deny the convenience of pushing a button and having your dishes cleaned.


Microwaves are commonplace in all homes. They offer many benefits, including heating/reheating food, disinfecting kitchen items, and proofing bread dough. Microwaves are a convenient and safe appliance that every home should have!


Ovens come in a range of sizes, meaning there are options for every kitchen, no matter how small. Your oven will last for years and help you make hundreds of delicious meals for yourself or to share with family and friends. How often do you cook? Are you an aspiring professional baker or passionate home chef? No matter your skill level, you need an oven. 

Trash Compactor 

Take your trash can to the next level with a trash compactor! Not only do trash compactors save you space, it also helps reduce the amount of plastic put into landfills. When you use a trash compactor, you use fewer trash bags, which means less pollution! 

Get Kitchen Appliances from Keidel Supply 

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