Fall is here! Is your home ready for pumpkins, leaves, and cozy nights? Is it also ready for colder weather, nights next to a fire, friends and family? We’ve created a list of the five things you need to do to get your home fall ready.

Service Your Heater

Gas and electric heaters should be serviced once a year to ensure optimal efficiency. Tankless water heaters will also need to be serviced regularly. Homes with hard water will need to be serviced more often. While your home with the plumber servicing your water heater, you should also have your furnace serviced.

Service You Fireplace

This is an absolute must every year. Gas and wood burning fireplaces need serviced before using them for safety. Wood burning fireplaces will need a little more maintenance then their gas counterparts. A chimney sweep and inspection is crucial to keep your fireplace safe to use. You will also want to make sure you clear the ash out of the hearth after every use.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Fall can mean getting ready for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. If you are planning on redoing your kitchen, start now! We can find appliances and plumbing fixtures to fit your needs. We also have cabinetry and countertop lines with shorter than the standard 12 week wait times. If you can wait until December, you’ll have more designs and products to choose from. Don’t wait to start your project, contact us now.


Break out the pumpkins, wreaths, and cinnamon scented candles! Your front door is a great place to start. Add leaves around your door frame, pumpkins and mums on your stoop, and maybe a hay stack or two. Moving inside grab the blankets from storage and make sure the gloves, hats, and scarves are ready.

Are you ready for fall now? Contact us now to start your kitchen remodel.