Update Your Lighting

Think of the last time you updated your lighting fixtures? Starting with your kitchen and dinning room lights, you’ll immediately be able to see a difference. A brighter light will create a more open and airy space while dimmer lights appear smaller and cramped. Don’t want to hire an electrician to add more task lighting or to replace an old chandelier? Add a few floor lamps in corners around the room. Switching to LED light bulbs can also save on your electricity bill.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Many people don’t think of their kitchen hardware dating their cabinets, but worn and dirty hardware are one of the quickest ways to update your kitchen. There are so many options now that picking a finish, style, and type may seem daunting at first but there is no hard and fast rule about picking it out. The knobs and pulls do not necessarily have to match the style of your cabinets. A contemporary pull can look great with traditional cabinets. The best part of updating only your hardware is that you can order one or two styles and finishes at a time. This will let you decide which would look great in your kitchen without spending a ton on knobs or pulls you don’t love. Like how the kitchen turned out with your new hardware? Update your bathrooms too!


Unsure where to start? A fresh coat of paint and a deep clean can be a night and day difference in your home. A lighter paint will brighten up your home while a darker color can add a dramatic flourish. Freshening up your white trim paint can make your walls crisper and more defined. It’s amazing how much a new color in a room can change it.

Clean and Organize

Cleaning and organizing can make your home more livable and inspire you to keep moving on with home projects. If you don’t want to invest money into updating your home, you can deep clean rooms to make them seem like new. Organization bins are great for playrooms, kids, rooms, and living rooms. They allow you to store your items in the room by having a designated spot.