Luxury appliances can make your everyday life easier and sometimes more streamlined. The first two products you’ll learn about are great to simplify and organize your morning routines. Fresh coffee without you having to lift a finger and possibly premade lunches in your fridge drawers can get you on your way in the morning. Kegerators and ice machines are useful for parties or large families. (Kegerators aren’t just for alcohol.)

Coffee Makers

What could be better in the morning than waking up to a fresh cup of coffee? With a built-in coffee maker you can schedule your drinks to be made at certain times, to  certain sizes, and you can customize your drink. Love lattes? You can have your built-in coffee maker create one for you every morning.

Refrigerator Drawers

Need some extra space for your cold foods? A better-looking option than a mini-fridge is the drawer refrigerator. Panel ready models will blend seamlessly into your kitchen. Create snack drawers for your kids or add some space to your beverages. Vegetables, fruit, drinks, and snacks will fit perfectly into the drawers.


A fresh pour just for you. A kegerator allows the contents to remain fresh and carbonated for a prolonged amount of time. For the ultimate home bar experience a kegerator is a must. Don’t drink beer? It can also dispense cold brew coffee, wine, or kombucha.

Ice Machines

Fresh ice always ready, need I say more? You can also pick the type of ice prefer. Sometimes the freezer ice doesn’t cut it, especially if you have a larger family that tends to use up the little ice that freezers do make in a day.

So, which one of these appliances would you love to have in your home? Let us know in the comments on Instagram. Want to know more about any of them? Speak with a specialist.

Miele Coffee Maker

Thermador Refrigerator Drawers

Marvel Kegerator

Under-Counter Ice Machine