Knobs and Pulls

Why should you care about kitchen knobs and pulls? Don’t people just decide based on how they look? You might not realize it but there are better options for your cabinets based on your style and needs. 

Do you find your clothes catching on the ends?

Many people find the pulls or knobs they have chosen catch on their clothing. An unexpected yank back into your cabinets is never ideal. If you are one of those individuals (like me) that get caught often look for hardware without sharp edges. 

Might Catch

Might Catch

Will Not Catch



What materials are you looking for?

There is the traditional metal hardware but many manufacturers also offer other unique materials. Here are some options that aren’t metal.





Do you have arthritis?

You might not be thinking about it but having pulls instead of knobs can really help make your kitchen more accessible. Pulls allow you to wrap your hand around them without having to grip a small item. Knobs can be almost impossible for individuals with arthritis to grab. If you do not have any issues with gripping knobs you can really go with either a knob or pull, or you can mix them both in. Many times you’ll see a drawer with a pull and cabinet with a knob.

Ready to start replacing your hardware? Shop for your perfect knob or handle in store or online.