Creation Speed and Ice Shapes

Not all ice makers are the same. You may be thinking “They all make ice, how are they different?”. Besides the indoor versus outdoor ratings, the ice shapes and speed of making the ice differ. You will find out why those differences are important below.

The rate at which new ice is made only factors into your needs if you need a lot of ice made in short periods of time. If you are a family of four, you won’t go through as much ice as a family of six that loves to throw parties. If you want an ice maker to keep up with your lifestyle, then look for an option with a higher rate of production.

Ice Shapes Small Image

What many people do not think about is ice shape. Depending on what you will mostly use the ice for you will want different shapes. If you like ice in your drinks, you’ll want a shape that unfreezes slowly. Gourmet shape is best for your uses. Do you find yourself munching on ice throughout the day? Then you should go with a flaked or nugget option. Nugget shapes are soft and chewable. Crescents are the most common shapes that you’ll find in fridges that create ice. They’re great for everyday waters and sports drinks. Dice and half dice shapes are mostly used in the food service industry to make your drinks appear fuller.

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