The NativeStone Collection by Native Trails are beautiful concrete products. They are reinforced with natural jute fiber to create a strong, sustainable material. A sealer applied to the stone ensures NativeStone products are stain-resistant.

To keep your NativeStone tub or sink looking like new, use mild soap and cleaners for ongoing maintenance. Every 3 years your kitchen sinks wil need to be resealed. Bathroom and bar sinks, and bathtubs will need to be resealed every 5 years.

Sinks or tubs that have been cut by sharp objects can cause the sealer to be comprised. If you notice dark wet spots on your sinks or tubs, contact NativeTrails for a repair kit.

If your NativeStone product is chipped, contact NativeTrails for a Chip Repair Kit.

Mendocino by NativeStone