What exactly is a builder allowance? Why does it matter to you? And how does Keidel work with you and your builder to stay within the budget?

Keeping within a allowance can sometime be difficult for clients. Depending on the builder and budget you might not be able to get everything you wanted but Keidel is here to help. We see this problem often with clients and builders. Keidel is here to find products within your allowance the you’ll absolutely love.

Builder Allowance

The builder allowance is the budget for items your home builder has decided to offer you that would typically cost the builder to provide. Most ofte we see allowances for lighting, appliances, and plumbing fixtures (i.e. faucets but not the pipes). Rather than having to pick from a builder’s list of items, with an allowance you can have more of a selection from the showroom.

How does Keidel Work Within Your Allowance?

Our specialists have been trained to know their departments inside and out. They know pricing, lead times, finish options and more. Once you tell them allowance budget they will know which brands, collections, and styles that will work within that budget.

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