Upgrade Your Backyard Patio

Upgrade Your Backyard Patio

Socially distant backyard BBQs are in full swing. Does your backyard need a “facelift”? Does it look like you threw together your party in about 20 minutes? It may be time to upgrade your patio.

We’ll go over a few ways you can upgrade your outdoor area to create an awesome atmosphere for your family and friends. At the end we’ll have a few recipes perfect for your next BBQ.

The Lights

The right lighting at night can create a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Add some ambiance to your patio with string lights, citronella tiki torches, and spotlights. A few sconces would not go amiss but make sure that they are wet rated or damp rated if they are under a porch.

The Grill

The most important part of your backyard BBQ (besides the food) is the grill. Does your grill have the capacity to cook enough food at the same time? Will you be able to feed everyone in a timely manner? If you need a new grill, we have a few for sale that is sure to be large enough for any size party.

The Bar

Elevate your backyard even more with a bar. A wet bar allows you to mix drinks, blend, and wash the dishes. This would make it easier for your guests to enjoy drinks and you can show off your bartending skills. So, what do you need for a wet bar? A sink, faucet, and fridge. You should also think about your countertop space. Since you’ll be cutting up fruits for the drinks you will need adequate counter space. You’ll need a place to keep your utensils and blender so consider adding cabinets specifically made for the outdoors.

The Seating

Lastly, another important aspect you shouldn’t overlook: seating. Every great backyard has comfy, outdoor seating. A large table with comfortable chairs is a great investment when you plan on eating outside often. A note: be sure to have a place you can put your cushions when you aren’t using them, so they last longer. If your space provides enough room, you can also have an outdoor couch and lounging chairs.

Are you ready to make the upgrade to an awesome patio? Contact us today for help with your cabinets, countertops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. We even have designers to help you come up with a plan for your patio.