Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

Small bathrooms can really hinder your ability to have a relaxing place to get ready in the morning or have a soothing nighttime routine. Everyone would love a large bathroom but what can you do when you have limited space? Here are a few tips and tricks to make your bathroom feel larger than it actually is.

Eliminate the clutter! Each item you have in your small bathroom reduces the amount of space you have and can make your bathroom look even smaller. Put the cleaners in another designated area, toothbrushes should be in a toothbrush holder, and beauty products can go in a drawer or recessed cabinet.

Paint and tile your bathroom in monochromatic colors to open the space. Darker colors seem to shrink a room so choose colors that are soft and bright. Speaking of tiling, continue your tiles into the shower. Much like an opaque door, different tiles between areas can create a feeling of separate sections.

Not only are clear frameless showers becoming popular, they can enlarge a bathroom. Opaque shower walls and doors can create a sense of the room being cut into two sections. Clear glass does not create that effect, you’ll get a few more feet of space outside the shower and inside won’t feel as restricted. Whether you have light or dark tiles in your shower, clear glass will brighten up the room. 

Let there be light! Whether it’s artificial or natural, light is very important in your bathroom. Use as much natural light as possible and add artificial light to fill in dark spots. Make sure that your light is wet or damp rated depending on if your lights are above your tub or shower.

Many people think that large, oversized mirrors will shrink your bathroom, but the opposite is actually true. A statement mirror can enhance the size of your bathroom and adding in a few more where possible will help the illusion.

Shelving and vanities can take up a lot of your limited space. To open up the room a bit more, consider using a floating vanity and open shelving. A contractor can even recess the shelves into the wall to save space. Floating vanities allow light to bounce of the walls and floor whereas a standard vanity will cut the light off.

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