The Touchless Toilet

The Touchless Toilet

In an age when viruses spread faster than ever and dangerous germs lurk on every surface, the introduction of the touchless toilet couldn’t come at a better time. Designed with cleanliness in mind, Kohler’s touchless toilet is a smart solution for homeowners looking to improve the hygiene of their home.


Not exactly a new idea, incorporated in the touchless toilet are the commercial flush features we’ve all seen at airports, schools, and shopping centers. These toilets use beam-based sensors, which activate the flush when the beam of light is broken. There are a few problems with these types of toilets, however. The beam of light can be inaccurate and inefficient, resulting in phantom flushes. There are also the bulky sensor-activated flushometers attached to the outside of the tank that wouldn’t fit into most residential spaces, physically or aesthetically. Kohler addressed these two problems in their design. First, the sensor moved to the inside of the toilet tank. This allows homeowners to design their bathrooms the way they want and eliminate worrying over how to hide the sensor through decoration. Because there is no longer a need to touch to flush, the toilets are manufactured without the external lever. With the sensor moved inside, the traditional activation method had to be modified as well. No longer triggered by a beam of light, the sensor uses new technology that projects an electromagnetic field. This technology is much more accurate and senses the user within a field before triggering the flush.[i] Though homeowners have only three options for their touchless toilets, the possibilities for customization are endless.


Kohler’s most popular toilet, the Cimarron is a classic look with timeless design. With the touchless feature, its look becomes even cleaner.


This toilet is for the more contemporary homeowner. It has a shorter tank and cleaner, sleeker lines.


Homeowners can choose between two great toilets or they can upgrade and existing single-flush toilet with Kohler’s Touchless Flush Kit. A more affordable option, the module attaches to the toilet tank with a bracket. Kohler tells us, “The chain from the toilet’s flush system attaches to a rotating arm on the touchless module, which then acts as the flush actuator, replacing the traditional lever handle of the toilet.” Homeowners can keep the lever on the tank or remove it, replacing the hole with a color-matched cover.