Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2021

Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2021

2021 is fast approaching. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen with the latest ideas or timeless styles, consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets! From natural wood to pops of color and handleless technology, this year is sure to bring some exciting new trends!

At Keidel, we’re passionate about helping you create your dream living space with luxury cabinets, countertops, appliances, and more. Check out our top 4 picks for kitchen cabinet trends in 2021, then stop by our showroom to be inspired and find the ones that work best for you!

  1. Natural wood finishes.
    Natural wood is making a comeback! Whether it’s a light wood with subtle grain or dark walnut, 2021 is sure to bring a natural look to every kitchen. Some are even using recycled and reclaimed wood!

    Check out some of our favorite natural wood finishes below.

    Natural wood finishes

  2. Pops of color and two-toned kitchens.
    Gone are the days of neutral tones and all-white kitchens. Kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring color to your space. In fact, a big trend we’re seeing is two-toned kitchens, especially with two colors that usually wouldn’t go together. We suggest using one darker color and one lighter to really make your kitchen stand out!

    We love these colorful cabinets. See something you like? Stop in and see them in-person at our showroom!

    two-toned kitchens

  3. Handleless cabinets.
    Handleless cabinets offer a contemporary and free-flowing design to any kitchen. With handleless cabinets, you get the beauty of the minimalist look combined with the functionality of an easy-open cabinet.

    Keidel offers several types of handleless cabinet for every household. Check out this contemporary kitchen below!

    Handleless cabinets

  4. Gold accents.
    If you still want to keep the handles on your cabinets, consider switching out the handles to something a little more eye-catching! A great choice for any kitchen, gold accents draw the eye to your cabinets and make them pop no matter the color.

    At Keidel, we have hundreds of options for cabinet handles. A few of our favorites are below, but we encourage you to come see them in person at our showroom.

    Gold accents