Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean

Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a home clean is an ongoing project that can take up entire weekends. Do you want your Saturday filled up with chores? I don’t think so. We’ve compiled a list of little ways to keep your home clean throughout the week so you can enjoy the outdoors a little bit longer.

The first thing you can do each day is make your bed. There are psychological advantages as well as make your room look cleaner. Accomplishing a small task early in the morning can help you keep completing tasks throughout the day.

After every meal, clean up right away. Don’t let dishes sit in the sink because it will make your entire kitchen feel dirty. If you run your dishwasher every night, then take 5 minutes out of every morning to put away the dishes. While you’re in the kitchen take a minute to wipe down the faucet, appliances, and sink. Those are the parts of your kitchen that people touch often that can show fingerprints the most. Again, small tasks early in the morning helps throughout the day.

Pick a certain day and time (or several if you have a large family) to do your laundry. From putting your clothes in the washer to folding them should not take two days. If you have a delayed start washing machine you can start it, so the washing is complete when you arrive home. You can then immediately transfer it to the dryer, complete another task, and lastly fold.

Pet owners know that vacuuming is an everyday chore. High traffic areas can look dirty quickly but if you have a hardwood floor you might be able to get away with a quick Swiffer dust mop. Don’t want to vacuum everyday but still want great looking floors? Take a look at a Roomba.

Grabbing your mail is something basic that most people do everyday but it can start piling up on the counter if you don’t sort it. Take a couple of minutes each day to sort through the pile. Throw out any junk mail, pay bills if needed, and clip any coupons that catch your eye.

A great philosophy for keeping a house clean: If you can do it in two minutes or less, do it now. This philosophy can help your dishes from stacking up and your coffee table free of clutter. Start following this list every day and maybe add a few items of your own to see the difference.