Lighting Market 2015

Lighting Market 2015

The Keidel lighting team took a field trip last week to the International Lighting Market in Dallas, Texas. Far from home and ready to learn, our specialists studied the lighting trends that will be making their way to Cincinnati this year.


No surprise here—LED is huge, and it’s not going away. Energy efficiency and sustainability are major concerns for home owners and business owners alike. As demand for LED grows, so do the designs. There are hundreds of LED fixtures that weren’t available three or four years ago.


A green fixture isn’t just about performance anymore. Au naturel is en vogue, and many manufacturers are bringing organic influences into their designs. These light fixtures either mimic or integrate organic elements into their design.

This light incorporates faux branches and flora.

The shadow this fixture casts is reminiscent of a bare tree on an autumn night.

This pendant by Fine Art Lamps integrates Quartz Clusters with lighting.

Agate Lights

This agate fixture from Corbett follows the natural trend, while also allowing for some classic bling. No two stones are alike!


While some manufacturers have always leaned toward modern design, this year’s Lighting Market revealed more geometric and linear models than ever before.

According to the NKBA, more kitchens and bathrooms are designed in contemporary and transitional styles. The move to contemporary design in lighting may be following this trend.


Bulbs aren’t just about wattage and luminance anymore. The type of bulb installed can strongly influence the overall design of the fixture.

Nostalgic Bulbs

Fresh to the Midwest is the Edison bulb trend. These nostalgic bulbs preserve the look of the early 20th Century, yet they look great in contemporary industrial spaces.

Exposed Bulbs

In these fixtures, the bulbs are the focus of the design rather than solely the function.

We learned a lot at the lighting market 2015. Homeowners in Greater Cincinnati are interested in these trends. According to Houzz, 78% of homeowners choose lighting based on design. Keeping a home’s lighting up-to-date can increase its value and refresh a tired room. As we update our lighting showroom, we’ll be integrating several of these designs within our displays, so stay tuned for updates.

Did you like any of the featured light fixtures? You can check them out in detail on our showroom site, or call us to schedule your lighting appointment.