Slab VS. Tile Backsplashes

Slab VS. Tile Backsplashes

Kitchen featuring slab backsplash

Are you looking for a new kitchen backsplash style? Tile offerings just aren’t inspiring you? Maybe it’s time to look at a slab backsplash. Many countertop suppliers are seeing requests for backsplashes to match their countertops. There are a few key benefits that give slabs a leg up above tiles.

So Why Would You Choose Slabs Over Tiles?

Most of the decision relies on the fact that it can match your countertop to create a seamless look that doesn’t distract from another element in your kitchen. If you have a beautiful kitchen island that you want to highlight, a backsplash that blends in with the counter will not detract from the island. On the other hand, if you want a backsplash that catches the eye, you can choose from so many different slab styles.

Slab backsplashes create a beautiful blend of modern and classic. They add luxury to a kitchen no matter the size. Even just adding a panel behind the range or stove can do wonders for the room. With tiles you have grout lines and depending on the tile size, you can have quite a bit of them. Slabs don’t have that problem, so it makes the room look larger.

What really sets slab above tile. Cleaning slabs are so much easy than cleaning grout. Tile faces aren’t hard to clean because they generally have smooth faces that can be wiped off. The problem with cleaning is the grout, as people who cook with grease can tell you, the grout gets very dirty and gross. Scrubbing the grout clean is a whole other problem, it’s messy, takes a long time, and back aching work.

The Price of Slab VS. Tile

While you may think that slabs are a lot more expensive than tile, they aren’t. Most of the tile expense comes from the labor. With slabs labor isn’t as intense because you don’t have as many pieces or cuts. If you have an inlay with your tiles, slabs can actually be less expensive.

Take a look at some of beautiful kitchens featuring slabs instead of tiles below.

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