Questions to Ask When Selecting Lighting

Questions to Ask When Selecting Lighting

Have you ever bought what you thought to be the perfect lamp and got it home, plugged it in, and discovered it doesn’t put out the light you wanted or expected? Choosing the correct lighting or combination of lighting can be tricky. That’s why it is important to know what questions to ask when starting the search for gorgeous and optimal lighting.

  • What type of lighting typically works best in the room?

There isn’t a standard when selecting lighting for specific rooms, however the chart below, courtesy of Kichler Lighting, helps give a general idea of which type of lights work best in certain areas. Of course, thinking outside the box is always welcomed, imagine a crystal chandelier in an oversized closet.

ChandelierPendantSconceMini-PendantIsland/   LinearSemi-FlushFlush
  • How much light do you need for a particular room?

Did you know that the wattage in a light bulb is just the amount of energy a bulb uses? The brightness of a bulb isn’t wattage, it is actually lumens. And there is a simple formula you can use to make sure you get plenty of lumens for any size space.

Square footage of the room x 40 = Amount of Lumens Needed for that Area

For example, a bedroom measures 15 sq. ft. x 10 sq. ft. The total size of the room is 150 sq. ft.

150 sq. ft. x 40 = 6,000 Lumens.

The task at hand now is to find a light or lights (it could be a combination of multiple) that would be able to illuminate at least 6,000 lumens of light.

You can always use more lumens than what the formula recommends, however it is best not to go under. Think about work spaces in the kitchen or bathrooms where additional light may be necessary.

  • What will you be doing in the room?

It’s important to get down to the nitty gritty of exactly what tasks will be performed. Will you be chopping vegetables? Putting final touches on cookies or cakes? Or maybe it is simply reading before going to bed. The reason you want to consider the tasks that will be done is so that you have efficient lighting for everything you plan on doing. You may want to entertain under cabinet lighting as additional options to give more light or maybe a sconce or bedside lamp for reading purposes. Just remember, that everything is great until we get to the actual tasks at hand.

  • What’s Your Style?
    Probably an easy to answer question. Check out the décor in the space. Take into consideration the furniture, hardware, plumbing fixtures, etc. The lighting should flow with its surroundings, so envision the space once everything is all together and how it makes you feel.

Accent lighting is sometimes overlooked. Bookshelves, bar areas, tray ceilings, and kitchen/bath alcoves, to just name a few, are visual interests that can make areas become a focal point instead of left in the dark. It also helps in creating more functional lighting.

These are just a few questions to consider when starting your search. And if you still feel uneasy about a selection, be sure to visit or call Keidel’s showroom to personally talk with a registered lighting expert. Keidel’s knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer any concerns and will be able to walk you through the entire process.

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