Products to Make Your Home Smarter

Products to Make Your Home Smarter

Smart Deviecs

Do you want to make your life easier and chores more streamlined? Smart appliances have made a huge difference in many homes with their added conveniences.


Smart Washers and Dryers

Do you want to know exactly when your laundry is going to be done so you can plan accordingly? Wouldn’t it be great to turn on the washer then by the time you’re home it’s ready to go in the dryer? Smart washers and dryers have the capability of turning on by using your smart phone. Many brands also have a feature that will alert your smartphone when the cycle is done or when more detergent is needed.



Your faucet can now be voice activated with VoiceIQ by Delta. It can connect with Google Home or an Alexa-enabled device. You can ask it to turn the water on & off, dispense a specific measurement of water (e.g. one cup), and add custom water measurements to dispense water (e.g. water for a coffee pot).  



Have you ever come how to a fridge door left open and your food now spoiled? Home Connect by Bosch helps reduce food waste by alerting you when the door is left ajar. You can also remotely control the temperature, adjust lighting, and run diagnostics for the ultimate convenience.



Smart dishwasher can be connected to your phone, as well. If a leak happens, you’ll be the first to know with an alert on your smartphone. You can even start your dishwasher from your phone and be alerted when your dishwasher is running low on supplies, like detergent, salt, and rinse aid.



KitchenAid offers a smart oven that you can control through an app and Google Assistant or an Alexa-enabled device. The Scan-to-Connect feature lets you connect the oven to your home network and the KitchenAid app easily. KitchenAid also offers another app that allows you to find recipes, “Yummly”.

In-Drawer Outlets

Even your cabinets can be made a little bit smarter. Many cabinet manufacturers are adding an outlet to their drawers as an optional add-on. It makes charging several devices at once much cleaner than leaving them all out on your counter.

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