September 15, 2020
Traditional Bathroom Image

Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Before you start your bathroom remodel, there’s a few things you should consider. This guide can help you start your project and get you ready to meet with a bathroom […]
August 31, 2020
Kichler Light Tanis Collection

Know Your Lights

Whether you are looking to buy all new lights or just replacing one, you should do some research before purchasing to make sure you are getting the right light for […]
August 24, 2020
Kitchen featuring slab backsplash

Slab VS. Tile Backsplashes

Are you looking for a new kitchen backsplash style? Tile offerings just aren’t inspiring you? Maybe it’s time to look at a slab backsplash. Many countertop suppliers are seeing requests […]
August 18, 2020

Maximalism Trend

Are you starting to think about changing your interior design style? Does maximalism catch your eye? You’re not alone, many people are starting to make the turn towards more. So, […]
August 11, 2020
Fall Color shines in the afternoon sun.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

As temperatures start to drop and pumpkin spice lattes make a comeback, it’s time to start winterizing your home. Don’t wait until your pipes freeze and your furnace breaks. Get […]
August 3, 2020

Must Haves for a Kitchen Remodel

Are you starting the process of a kitchen remodel or thinking about one? There are a few products you might not know about that can make your life so much […]
July 27, 2020

Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a home clean is an ongoing project that can take up entire weekends. Do you want your Saturday filled up with chores? I don’t think so. We’ve compiled a […]
July 20, 2020
Desk with an apple on top of books. ABC blocks and colored pencils to the right of the books.

How to Set Up a Room for Learning from Home

With the uncertainty of whether kids will go back to school this fall now is the time to start thinking of ways to create a room for homeschooling. Does the […]
July 14, 2020

Upgrade Your Backyard Patio

Socially distant backyard BBQs are in full swing. Does your backyard need a “facelift”? Does it look like you threw together your party in about 20 minutes? It may be […]
July 7, 2020

Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger

Small bathrooms can really hinder your ability to have a relaxing place to get ready in the morning or have a soothing nighttime routine. Everyone would love a large bathroom […]