Our Top 3 Underrated Appliances

Our Top 3 Underrated Appliances

After years of planning and budgeting, you finally get to build your dream kitchen. Building/remodeling can be an exciting time. You’ve thought about the cabinetry, the design styles, the colors, the countertops, and those big ticket appliances—oven, cooktop, refrigerator, and dishwasher. But there are some other appliances out there you might not know about, and once you know about them, you might not want to live without them! Advancements in cooking technology have made kitchen appliances more efficient, easier to use, and capable of much, much more than you’d expect. Here are three kitchen appliances you may want to consider adding to your kitchen.


—Gone are the days of cold dinners. Perhaps you have been in this scenario: The roast is still cooking, but the potatoes and green beans have been finished for twenty minutes. If you haven’t quite mastered perfect timing, a warming drawer is essential. Instead of letting food sit out and cool, pop your scrumptious dishes into the warming drawer to keep them at a nice temperature, without overcooking them. Warming drawers can also be used as bread proofers or slow cookers, depending on the model and settings.


—Cook faster and smarter with a Steam + Convection Oven. Cooking with steam is perfect if you’re interested in: fat reduction, salt reduction, vitamin and mineral preservation, maintaining food moisture, and making food tender and easily digestible. You can cook a 14 pound turkey in 90 minutes with a steam/convection, and you can proof, bake, defrost, and slow cook too!


—Coffee lovers rejoice: you can have specialty coffee in the comfort of your own home. Plumbed-in water connections and built-in grinders mean you get the freshest and most convenient cup of coffee every day. The Miele CVA 4066 comes with a frothing system and integrated milk tank.