Must Haves for a Kitchen Remodel

Must Haves for a Kitchen Remodel

Are you starting the process of a kitchen remodel or thinking about one? There are a few products you might not know about that can make your life so much easier. Upgrades in kitchen cabinetry, appliances, and countertops have come along way in the past couple of years. Cabinetry manufactures have added several options for the aging in place population while appliances are now more integrated in your home than ever before. You can hook your fridge to Wi-Fi and have it tell you when you’re out of certain foods.


Cabinetry options have grown to include charging drawers, pull-out cutting boards, and lift-up shelves. Your KitchenAid mixer can have a custom cabinet made for storage and easy access. Just pull it up and out, you don’t even have to transfer it to a counter. It is always ready for use because of the outlets included in the drawer. Want to add a space for your pets? Whether it’s a spot for food or an entire crate under the counter, cabinet manufactures have made it.


Appliances are constantly being upgraded to include the latest technology. You can create a grocery list on your fridge and have it sent to your phone. Do you find you have a lot of leftovers and need a way to save them? There are shrink wrapping drawers you can add into any kitchen. A wine cooler with dual zones are perfect for wine enthusiasts. For a perfectly chilled glass every time, separate your reds and whites in the wine cooler.

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures have even gotten “smarter”. The arrival of touchless, touch-activated, and voice-activated faucets have created a way to make the kitchen a bit more sanitary while pot fillers allow for easy access to water above your stove. You won’t have to walk across the kitchen with a pot full of water anymore! Sinks have also been upgraded.

One of my favorite products is an outfitted sink. A sink with all the accessories makes cooking and cleaning up so much easier. The grid at the bottom of the sink helps to keep the sink from being damaged by dishes or cutlery. Cutting boards that lay on top of the sink’s ridge makes it easy to chop food. Add a waste container next to the cutting board to slide scraps into and effortlessly throw out the container’s contents.

Not sure where to start with your kitchen remodel? Stop on in and we can walk you through the process. While you’re here, pick out some of your favorite products and save a wish list for later.