Must-Have Features for Bathroom Designs

Must-Have Features for Bathroom Designs

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The Right Type of Storage

Master bathrooms need plenty of storage but a smaller bathroom, like a powder room, do not necessarily need that much. Let’s dive into the master bathroom storage. Your choice of color and style is major decision but the components inside the cabinets are equally important.

Your cabinet storage configuration determines how functional your bathroom will be. When you are getting ready for the day you might want to easily grab your hair dryer from a specifically designed spot in the cabinet.

A bathroom designer will take inventory of products, towels, toiletry items, and other items that you keep in your bathroom to figure out the right storage components for you. There might even be a few solutions you did not know were an option.

Bathroom with vanity and tub

A Relaxing Shower Head

Let’s be honest, we can spend a lot of time in the shower relaxing. A good, high-quality shower head can be the difference between a peaceful, warm shower and getting hit by tiny water bullets.

There may be more options than you think for shower heads, rain heads, single spray, dual, and multifunction are just some of the options. You can also add body sprays, steam options, and music capabilities for a heightened shower experience. A plumbing specialist can help you decide which type of shower system and head is right for you.


Depending on the size of your bathroom you might need more lighting than the standard vanity light. To estimate the number of lumens your space needs, multiply the square footage of your bathroom by the number of foot-candles essential for proper lighting. This can also work for other rooms in your house, not just your bathroom.

You can also use this handy lumen calculator:

For larger bathrooms, use a vanity light along with recessed lights for a layered approach. For exceptionally large bathrooms a chandelier over the bathtub will elevate your space into beautiful luxury.

A Hardworking Bathtub

You will need at least one bathtub in your home, but most houses have more. The bathtub of your choice might have to put up to treatment from kids, pets, houseguests, and possibly more. The bathtub is not the place to go cheap.

While you can get away with an alcove tub in bathrooms other than the master, your tub that you use should be perfectly fitted to you and your needs. Did you know there are several different sizes, types, and options? Fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, steel, concrete, and enameled cast iron are a few common materials for bathtubs. To find the best option for your lifestyle we have different options in our showroom to try out.


This might be the last thing you think about in your bathroom, but it is essential. Your bathrooms are the wettest rooms in your home and with major moisture can come potential problems. Mold, mildew, peeling wallpaper, water spots, and more are possible problems if your ventilation fan is not the right one for your bathroom.

The first step is to determine the fan with the correct cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) capacity. The CFM should match the square footage of your bathroom at the very least. You can pick one that has a higher CFM, and it is recommended if you use a steam shower system.

The next step is to find a plumber or contractor to install it in the correct spot. Not right next to a vent but near a tub or shower. The exhaust fan should also vent outside, not into an attic or other part of the house. Don’t forget to keep your fan on for at least 15 minutes after you’ve finished to air out the bathroom fully.

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