Modern Lighting: The Essential Guide +5 Design Tips

Modern Lighting: The Essential Guide +5 Design Tips

Modern Minimal Living Room

Are you looking to use modern lighting in your new home or remodel, but aren’t sure where to start?

This article will give you a great foundation for modern lighting knowledge and will get you started on lighting your home!

Let’s take a look at how you define modern lighting, what it can accomplish, and what you should do when using it in your home.

Why Modern?

If you are someone who likes clean minimal looks, muted yet warm colors, and an open simple feel to your rooms, modern design might be for you

A modern interior can achieve the following:

  • A clean minimal look
  • A muted and neutral color palette
  • An open feel to your rooms
  • Warm tones throughout your home

If any of this sounds like your style, keep reading to learn how to accomplish this look!

Modern Minimal Living Room

What Exactly is Modern Lighting?

Each design style has it’s distinct characteristics, and modern design is no different. While there is a whole world of debate surrounding Modern vs Contemporary design, modern does have it’s key distinctions.

The modern style was born from the Modernist art movement. This gives it some key characteristics and makes the style a bit easier to nail down. As Clarissa Allison of Louie Lighting says,

“Created by the German Bauhaus schools of design with an emphasis on Scandinavian simplicity and function, modern interior design is a reflection of the modernism movement within the home.”

Modern interiors typically have a muted and natural color palette. Some people think of a modern homes have to be all black and white. However, having a warm earthy palette is what really completes the modern look. Outside of the neutral black and white tones, earthy and warm colors will pull the look together. This is typically done using tones and materials such as teak, leather, and wood. It will also help to give the room a very warm and pleasant mood.

Much of modern lighting and interior design is very focused on shapes, angles, and symmetry. Many lights use either eye catching angles or perfect spheres and ovals to achieve their look. Much of the furniture, appliances, and plumbing fixtures will focus on this as well.

How to Use Modern Lighting

Now you know what look modern design will give you. Here’s a few tips to think about when choosing lighting for your home.

1. Use it to pull your color palette together

Using modern ceiling lights can be a way to pull the color palette together. Need a large pendant to act as a neutral center piece? Consider going with a large dark pendant like the Tech Arctic Pendent. If you’re looking to add some gold trim to your look and need a statement piece, maybe this Elk Home Box Pendant is a better choice!

Elk Home Box Pendant
Elk Home Box Pendant

2. Highlight a Feature of your Home

Modern Lighting has plenty of great ambient lighting options as well. If you are looking to highlight a feature of your home, something like the Elk Home Logan Square Floor Lamp can draw eyes to a specific area of the room.

3. Keep Things Symmetrical

Modern design lends itself to symmetry, so be sure to keep this in mind when picking out your lighting. Especially if you are using multiple pendants, keep in mind how they line up with the rest of the room. Make sure they don’t throw off the balance!

4. Make a Statement

Maybe the rest of your room is minimal, but you want to use some modern lighting as a statement piece. Using something like the Box Pendant mentioned in tip number 1 over your island might help. This can put the finishing touches on your kitchen design.

5. Match Your Accents

Remember what we said earlier about warm earthy tones? Many modern lights can come in unique wood or brass tones. When you are picking out products for your room, consider matching your lighting with the accent color found throughout the rest of the room.

(Bonus Tip!) Work With a Lighting Expert

Sometimes, choosing the perfect light can be overwhelming. Take the time to schedule an appointment with an experienced lighting expert! They can help you find what you need and make the process hassle free. They know the array of brands, products, and styles you might be looking for. If you tell them what you are looking to accomplish they can help find what you need.