Looking to Remodel?

Looking to Remodel?

Design Build Cincy Has You Covered!

Note – Design Build Cincy 2015 has come and gone, but check out their website here for any updates on this year’s Design Build Cincy!

This article was originally published by Katie Clavey on Cincinnati Refined.
For all you home owners out there… get excited! The second annual Design Build Cincy event is coming up October 30 through November 1 at Music Hall in Over-the-Rhine.   The event showcases Cincinnati designers, architects, contractors and makers. Since there are so many things to talk about, we’re going to preview different building and design topics each week leading up to the event.   First up…


  To get an education on what kitchen and bath remodeling really entails, we caught up with Dave Dressler, Showroom Manager from Keidel Cincinnati. Here’s what we learned.  

Let’s begin in the kitchen.

  It’s not uncommon for people to look at their kitchen and end up ultimately performing a complete gut. And here’s why…   At least 70% of the time, homeowners make the determination that their current kitchen configuration and cabinetry will not support what they want to do from a design standpoint. Or they’ll decide that the current configuration doesn’t support the appliances the homeowners just have to have. Or their cabinetry is insufficient for the countertops they need to install.   There are homes configured for specific system applications, so let’s say you want to add a decorative hood over your stove. Unfortunately, some (actually, most) kitchens don’t allow for air to move outside the kitchen easily, so if you want a ventilation piece added to your kitchen, you have to determine how and where the air can move from inside to outside.   Remodeling a kitchen is like that song we sang when we were kids…”The hip bone’s connected to the backbone. The backbone’s connected to the neck bone…” Kitchen components are interconnected and, as a result, a complete gut is mandatory.   No need to freak out, though. Design Build Cincy will be hosting loads of great companies like Keidel that will be happy to give advice on remodeling, design, and product selection.  

Moving on to the bathroom a.k.a., the water closet.

  Let’s say you want a brand-new shower with all the bells and whistles to create a spa-like experience. What ends up having to happen when you want to create your own personal spa is… you must break through walls.   Typical shower configurations found in 30- to 40-year-old homes here in Cincinnati either have two handles that control a shower head, including a hot and cold valve OR a single valve that controls a shower head.   If someone wants to upgrade their bathroom, they have to — at a minimum— open the wall where the shower valve is located. Because you have to change the plumbing in the wall. Usually the plumbing shifts include adding components like a pressure-balance valve (something that wasn’t available years and years ago) that allows for thermostatic control.   So. Let’s say your roommate or spouse starts the laundry or turns on a sprinkler, the pressure-balance control value maintains temperature and pressure so you don’t get blasted with cold water or lose power. In short, if you want a baller shower, be prepared to break out a sledgehammer.  

The Pros Have Your Back

  Lucky for you, businesses like Keidel and many other remodel-esque vendors will be on hand at Design Build Cincy to make your next remodel easy and enjoyable. And, of course, they’ll show you all the appliances, cabinets, countertops, and fixtures that are hot now!