Know Your Lights

Know Your Lights

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Whether you are looking to buy all new lights or just replacing one, you should do some research before purchasing to make sure you are getting the right light for your needs. Information about your room size, style, and light preference can make the searching process so much easier.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

So, first things first, what type of light fixture do you want? There a several different types of lights and it will depend on in which room you will have them installed. Dining rooms will typically have chandeliers while bathrooms will have vanity lights or sconces. Below are a few different types of lighting fixtures. You can find more here.

Types of Bulbs

The type of bulbs can depend on the type of light you prefer. Soft, cool, daylight, and more. The most basic categories of bulbs are LED, incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen. Within each category, you will have more options to narrow down the type of lighting and shape of the bulb.


The size of your fixture is usually determined by your room size. Add the length and width, in feet, the ideal light size would be that sum converted to inches. Ex. A 7’x10’ room should use a 17inch light. If you have a large room, consider adding several lights to cover the room. This sizing should not be followed for a dining room, though. Light fixtures on the dining room should be sized to ¾ – ½ of the size of the table. Eg. A 6’ table should have a light that is 4.5’-3’ in diameter or length.

Know Your Style

If you are replacing lights, then you probably already have a style type that you will want to follow. If it’s a new build, then you’ll be able to have more choice for the style type of the lights. Lighting fixtures should match the rest of your home’s style otherwise it won’t be cohesive. Our experts are here to help find a perfect match for your style and preference. Taking pictures to show our specialists will make it easier to find a light fixture.

Know Your Price Range

We have luxury brands and more price conscious options. Knowing what your budget is can narrow your options further. Keidel lighting specialists are more than happy to show you lights within any price range.

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