Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Finding the right mixture of kitchen and dining room lights can be difficult. Each fixture can have different bulbs to put off different lighting, but you want to make sure the light you pick is not over- or underwhelming. Do you know which lights are best for your room? Continue reading to find out.

Can Light with Trim

Can Lights

Recessed, or can lights, are usually used in addition to a light fixture such as a chandelier to add light to certain spots of the room. You can choose between soft, bright, and daylight to find the right color temperature for your room.

Under Cabinet Lights

If you have a darker kitchen or countertop then undercabinet lights would be a great addition to your kitchen. They can be the finishing touch to your kitchen, and they can make it easier to safely prepare meals or read recipes. There are plenty of different light colors, styles, and light wattage to match any kitchen design.

Under Cabinet Lights with Recessed Lights


Pendant lights are perfect for over an island. Two or three pendants are usually enough to light the average island counter. Both task and ambient lighting is created which makes pendant lights the most popular and effective lighting solutions. Because pendants can be used as statement pieces, choosing a finish that pops in your space is essential to creating a tasteful contrast.


Class and elegance can be added to any space with the installation of a beautiful chandelier. For large kitchen islands and dining rooms, chandeliers can make the perfect accent piece. You want to make sure you have the right size for your space. Small, medium, and large chandeliers are available, and many are on display in our showroom. Our experienced lighting professionals are available to help you pick out your perfect chandelier.

Flush Mount

A flush mount light fits around a lightbulb flush to the ceiling. They are typically dome or drum shaped. Flush mounts have the ability put off a plethora of light which means that smaller kitchens or kitchens with plenty of natural sunlight could use a flush mount light and another small light. There is also the option of using a semi-flush mount. Semi flush mounts hang down a few inches from the ceiling so they are ideal for rooms when you can’t use a chandelier or pendant.

Our lighting department has specialists that would love to help you pick out your perfect lights. We can find lights to fit with the rest of your kitchen and dining room. We also have bathroom lights, outdoor, and a plethora of lamps.