Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets


Cleaning fruit, doing dishes, or watering plants – the uses for a kitchen faucet are limitless. Kitchen faucets come in countless styles and a variety of finishes, so choosing ‘the one’ that fits all our requirements can be very daunting. Plus, there’s more than what you see above the sink.


What’s the hole story? When remodeling and replacing a current faucet, it’s important to know how many holes are in your sink or counter space. There could be only one or as many as four.

  • One – Increasing in popularity, one-hole faucets offer a clean, simple look.
  • Two – Typically includes a side-sprayer or lotion/soap dispenser.
  • Three – Seen in older kitchens, these faucets have a separate hot and cold nozzle.
  • Four – Traditional kitchens with the separate nozzles as well as a place holder for a side sprayer or lotion/soap dispenser

If you are looking to upgrade your traditional faucet with something more modern, have no fear, there is an escutcheon or ornamental plate that can easily be installed to cover some of the other holes that aren’t going to be used.

Sprayers and spouts

Besides the dirty dishes in the sink, it’s important to consider how you want your sink to function.

Sprayers can pull down, pullout, or be on the side. Pull down and pullout faucets typically feature multiple spray functions, high-arch spouts and kink-free braided hoses, which can be pulled across the counter. Personal preference on how you work in your kitchen will determine the best fit. Get inspired at Keidel’s virtual showroom  and then visit our Tennessee Avenue showroom to touch and feel different options.

Being conscientious of the spout height will enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the faucet. Higher arcs make it easy to get big pots, flowers, and even babies into the sink without knocking the faucet. Whereas lower arcs are good for kitchens that have low hanging cabinets or windows for that unobstructed view.

An Inviting Style

Personal style and taste falls into one of three categories; modern, transitional, and traditional.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word modern means of present day. Modern kitchen faucets have sleek designs with simple lines. The Moen® 90 Degree™ shown here displays a chic and smooth look.

Transitional faucets combine sleek modern designs with more distinctive traditional styles.

Traditional faucets are classic styles that have ornate details and have stood the test of time.

The décor in a room can be complemented by the finish options on a kitchen faucet. Chrome and polished nickel are glossy and shiny, where as a brushed chrome and stainless project a more matte look. Looking for something a little more rustic, maybe a rubbed bronze is the way to go. Depending on the faucet will determine which finishes are available.


There are many additions to add to your kitchen to complete the look and make it more convenient. A hands-free faucet keeps germs at a minimum, which means you and your family stay healthy. Get a glass of cold water using a filtration water faucet located at the sink. And don’t forget about the lotion/soap dispensers which makes washing hands before and after food preparation a breeze.

Simply and conveniently fill pots at the stove with a wall mount faucet.

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