Kitchen, Bar, and Water Dispenser Faucets

Kitchen, Bar, and Water Dispenser Faucets

So, you’re at Keidel and come across a faucet that doesn’t look as tall as the other faucets. You might be looking at a bar faucet. Do you know the major differences between the two faucets? What about water dispensers? Each faucet has its own unique benefits and uses.

Let us look at the kitchen faucet first. These are usually the largest and most expensive. They have many different styles and finishes depending on the brand. You will be hard-pressed to find another type of faucet that will let you manipulate it as much because of its spot maneuverability and water line extension off the head. Keep in mind, bridge faucets do not offer pull-down/-out faucet heads.

Next, we have the bar faucet. Typically, these faucets are slightly small and less expensive than kitchen faucets. They also usually do not have the same maneuverability capabilities; however, some models do. For the most part, you can switch kitchen and bar faucets out and everyone will be none the wiser. We have had instances where clients needed a lower faucet because of cabinetry or window sills in the kitchen. They were able to easily find a bar faucet that fits their needs.

The last faucet for the kitchen is a water dispenser. They are very different from any other type of faucet so you cannot interchange them like you could with bar and kitchen faucets. Water dispensers are smaller and designed to produce hot and/or cold water on demand. The faucet does not move at all but if you are filling up your teacup, then it’s perfect for your needs. 

Now that you know the difference between these common faucets, you’re ready to find the perfect one for your needs. Have specific requirements for your faucet? Contact us to speak with a specialist who can help you search.