How to Set Up a Room for Learning from Home

How to Set Up a Room for Learning from Home

Desk with an apple on top of books. ABC blocks and colored pencils to the right of the books.

With the uncertainty of whether kids will go back to school this fall now is the time to start thinking of ways to create a room for homeschooling. Does the space you set up last year still work for your kids? Did your kids thrive in homeschooling or were they distracted all day? As you probably already know, kids love structure. The ending to their school year as they knew it by having to learn from home has really disrupted their lifestyle. It is important to think ahead about the homeschooling space for this upcoming school year.

The First Step

So, what’s the first step to creating a great space for homeschooling? Declutter! Anything that can distract from the task at hand has to go. I know for me if I am in a messy room, I’m tempted to focus on the mess rather than what I’m trying to get done. Bookshelves and closets can help keep the room clean. Pack away anything that isn’t need for that subject or day. Closets can be converted into storage with bookcases to organize supplies and create a break between subjects. Have our kids pack away supplies for one subject and get out supplies for the next.

Section Off The Room

If you have a large enough room, you should section it off. Multiple kids usually mean multiple grades. So it would be a good idea to give each of them their own space to learn. You can also add in sections for classes such as music, art, and reading. Creating separate spaces helps them with structuring their day and keeping focused on the tasks for that area.

A young girl sat at a desk with book shelves behind her and a laptop in front.

The Furniture

If you don’t already have a desk and chair for your kids, it’s time to invest in one. Preferably one for each child. They don’t have to be big, think about what they would use in school. Sitting on a recliner or couch can easily get them distracted and unfocused. You should also have a bookcase and each item should have it’s correct place to keep the homeschool room clean. Sometimes it’s just easier to write out hard concepts on a board. You can also get your kids away from their electronics for a little while.

What If It’s Not Working for Your Kids?

Keep in mind that you can always change the space if it’s not working for your family. You can try adding in bright, cheerful colors if the room seems dull. Or splitting up the kids by grade if they are distracting each other. Keep your kids in the loop, too. Ask if they have any ideas of how to keep them focused and help their schooling efforts (but take their ideas with a grain of salt).