Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Get Your Home Ready for Fall

Fall Color shines in the afternoon sun.

As temperatures start to drop and pumpkin spice lattes make a comeback, it’s time to start winterizing your home. Don’t wait until your pipes freeze and your furnace breaks. Get ahead of any problems now to save you from headaches and costly repairs.

We’ve compiled a few tips to get your home fall ready:

Wash all windows. You’d be surprised at how dirty they can get.

Check your windows and doors for drafts. Caulking the windows and adding a door draft stopper can do wonders for your electricity bill.

Replace batteries for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. While your at it, inspect any fire extinguishers you may have.

Have your chimney/fireplace cleaned and checked.

Clean and inspect your dryer vent.

Replace your furnace filter and have your furnace inspected.

If you plan on a kitchen remodel this year, start now. In order to have your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving, you’ll need to contact contractors and designers now to start the process.

Clean out your gutters.

Bring in any ceramic pots you have outside, they can crack in the cold.

Blow out sprinkler lines and drain your hoses.

Winterize your air conditioner.

Fertilize your lawn. This will help your lawn next year.

Get your winter equipment ready.

Clean up your outdoor space. Bring in any rugs or cushions.

Get ready to lounge in your flannels and sip on pumpkin spice lattes.