Dog Washing Station

Dog Washing Station

Dog in bathtub getting washed

Have you ever thought about how much time and money you spend on washing your dog? Are you washing your dog once a month or more? If so, you should start looking into an in-home dog washing station.

The best thing about a washing station at your house is the convenience. You don’t have to load your dirty dog in a car, you can easily change when you inevitably get soaked trying to dry off a squirming pup, and towels can be close by. Your dog is already comfortable in your home so they won’t get more riled up on the way (at least not as much as they would in a car).

Another great benefit about a dog washing station at your home is the possibility of customizing it to your dog. If you have a large dog, then you can ditch the lifted tub and go with a small step-in shower. For multiple dogs of different sizes, you can have multiple levels.

Think you can get away with washing your dog in the sink? Think again. Dogs squirm around and try to jump out. Having a place to hook their collar is essential. A half-size glass partition can also minimize the amount of water shaken off onto you.

Don’t forget some important aspects of your dog washing! Rubber mats inside the station so your pup isn’t anxious about slipping. A rubber backed rug outside of the unit for when your dog has to jump in and out. A hair trap would not be a bad idea either. It can keep your drains from being clogged.

Ready to start your dog washing station project? Contact us to help you design the perfect unit for you and your pup.