Do you really need a designer for your kitchen or bath project?

Do you really need a designer for your kitchen or bath project?

The answer is usually yes!

A designer works with your blue prints and/or floor plans. They make the most use of the space and make sure that everything fits as it is supposed to. But the biggest advantage to using a designer, is the product knowledge they have. They know who makes what, and in what sizes and shapes. They know where the trends are going. And, more importantly, they design for you and your lifestyle.

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is almost $20,000, and the average cost of a bath remodel is over $9,000. These costs rise if you select quality products. You are spending a lot of money to put in your new kitchen or bath! You want to make sure it’s done right. Whether it will be considered out-of-date in a few years depends on the fixtures, appliances, and cabinets you select. Hiring a good designer will design for the future, including your changing lifestyle.


  • Architect
    An architect is state certified to design structures that conform to the building codes. If you are building a new home, an architect has drawn, or will draw your plans. Most states require an architects stamp before approving construction blueprints. For larger, more complicated remodeling projects, architects can help you detail exactly what you want, draw up plans and list material specifications.
  • Kitchen & Bath Designer
    These designers have very strong product and specialized design knowledge within their specialties. Because of their expertise, they are the best choice for high-dollar jobs where expensive materials, cabinets, and appliances will be used. They work with your architect, builder, plumber, or contractor to make your new home or remodeling project a dream come true! Meet our designers.
  • Interior Designer
    An interior designer is not a decorator. The professional interior designer is qualified by education, experience, and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. They prepare working drawings and specifications for non-load bearing interior construction, materials, finishes, space planning, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. They work with architects, builders, and remodelers.
  • Home-Center Staff Designer
    The staff at your home center, offer a quick and economical route to basic kitchen and bath design ideas. They often have some experience with lower budget jobs, using stock materials, cabinets, and appliances. Design skill varies widely.
  • Building Designer
    Their designs tend to be more basic and practical to build than those of an architect, making them an affordable choice for some remodeling projects.
  • Interior Decorator
    Interior decorators are specialists who offer advice on furniture, wall coverings, colors, styles, and the overall physical appearance of your project. Skills vary widely.