Do You Know Your Kitchen Faucets?

Do You Know Your Kitchen Faucets?

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With so many different faucet choices, how do you know which style is the right one for you? We’ll explore each option so you are confident that you know your kitchen faucets and can make the right choice for your kitchen.

Single Hole

The water flows from a single spout that uses a singular lever. The lever can be positioned from right to left for warm or cold water. It usually takes longer to get your water the temperature you desire.

Faucet with Side Sprayer

A separate spray faucet might be the way to go if you need something more flexible. There is a completely separate handle with a trigger to start spraying.

Double-Hole Faucet

Also known as a double-handle or center set faucet because it has two separate handles to water temperatures. It does require multiple holes to install the faucet.


The faucet can be pulled directly towards you. Instead of only pulling downward, it has a body that works in a straight line. Usually more flexible than other options, except commercial styles.


The pull-out and pull-down faucets usually have the same features, but they differ in design. The spray head is angles downward in the pull-down faucet. They also do not have a separate hose so depending on the faucet, it might not be as flexible as the pull-out.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted faucets are known as the “space savers” as they clear more elbow space. The downside of wall-mounts is with installing. If you miscalculate the distance, it can be messy.


Commercial faucets have a longer, more flexible design. It is more “open” and creates a more modern appearance in your kitchen. They are typically taller than the other options but they are great for the chef with the large sink.


The double-hole faucets and widespread are similar except for the connecting metal plate. Widespread faucets to not have a single metal plate connecting all the parts. It will need a hole for each separate part of the faucet.


These faucets are relatively new to the kitchen, but they’ve been in bathrooms for years. By waving your hand in front of the sensor, it will turn on at the temperature the handle is set. The operation cost will be slightly higher because of the added electricity but many models come with an automatic shut-off so it can save on your water bill.


When you’re cooking do your hands get messy? The answer is probably yes. With touch-on faucets you can use your wrist, forearm, or whatever part of you is available to turn on the faucet.

Voice Activated

Delta VoiceIQ

Delta VoiceIQ Technology pairs with your connected home device to give you exactly the amount of water you need with features like metered dispensing and custom container commands. Ask your faucet to dispense water for your coffee pot, to turn on/off, or water warm-up. Available in chrome, artic stainless, matte black, champagne bronze, and black stainless.

If you would like more information about any of these faucet types or want to see them in action, make an appointment to speak with a specialist here.