Decorative Cabinetry Additions

Decorative Cabinetry Additions

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While cabinets themselves can be gorgeous and functional adding accessories can boost their appeal and usefulness. Do you struggle to keep your drawers organized, do you kick the bottom of your cabinets on accident, or does being able to pull down shelves sound amazing? There are plenty of additions you can choose with your cabinets below are some of the options we offer.

decorative feet for cabinets


For decorative purposes, adding feet to your cabinets will enhance the feeling that your cabinets are “furniture”. Feet, or legs, are available in many styles so you can match your traditional, contemporary, or modern style. The feet usually raise the cabinets up off the floor, but you also have the choice of utilizing a toe kick in addition to the feet. Apron front sinks are a great spot for feet, as well as islands, open shelves, or the ends of the shelves.

In-Drawer Outlets

Free your counter of clutter from cords. You can add outlets to your drawers in the kitchen and bathroom for the different types of electronics. Chargers for phones, hairdryers in the bathroom, mixers in the kitchen, all types of custom cabinets with in-drawer outlets are available.

docking drawer
Knife drawer organizer

Organization Options     

Drawer organizers are great at keeping utensils in their correct spot, but did you know they aren’t just for utensils anymore? You can organize your spices with slanted shelves, your cutting boards can be placed vertically in cabinets with racks between them, and your knives could have a slotted board for easy access. Many of the dividers are moveable for added convenience.

Slim Pantries     

Do you have so many spices you don’t have enough space to store them? Slim pantries are the perfect answer to your problem. You can add a thin pull-out drawer between your fridge and the rest of your cabinets or a thin cabinet on the end for extra storage. If you want to hide your spice drawer there is an option to conceal it behind a decorative leg.

Slim wall pantry for spices

Pull down shelves

A clever solution to maximize the storage in your upper kitchen cabinets. No more stools or step ladders to retrieve items stored on upper shelves! With heavier cooking supplies, pull out shelves can really help.

Pullout top drawer

There are many more options for decorative accents and accessories from which to choose. Our cabinets specialists can help you design your perfect kitchen with everything your heart desires.