Color Theory and Your Kitchen

Color Theory and Your Kitchen

Ready to remodel your kitchen but not sure what color schemes would look good? Maybe it’s time to look at color theory. Color can change the way your space feels. By choosing the right color, you can brighten and expand your room, make the ceiling seem taller or inspire hunger. What do you want to do with your kitchen? We’ll look at a few of the most popular kitchen colors and explain what each can do.

Let’s start with white, the brightest color. This timeless color has been featured in many kitchens in the past few years. It’s great for small kitchens to open and brighten up the room to make it seem larger. It also goes well with just about every type of kitchen. When you think of white, you usually think healthiness, cleanliness, and freshness. All perfect connotations for a kitchen. Walking into a white kitchen for breakfast can really waken you up before even touching coffee. Another benefit of white is that it goes with several countertop and backsplash options.

An alternative color option is gray, light or dark gray looks great. A light gray can open up a kitchen and become a neutral for other splashes of color. Dark gray can bring in sharp lines and elegance. The room tends to look darker with dark colors but with the right kind of lighting, you can have a bright kitchen still. Add in a white counter to gray cabinets and you’ll have a beautiful room that matches stainless steel appliances flawlessly.

Blue is a very popular color for homes, it’s light accents can bring about calmness and focus while a dark blue can look stylish and refined. You can create a beachy theme using light and medium blues or a farmhouse kitchen with a medium to dark blue. If you’re willing to embrace a color that’s slightly unusual for a kitchen but not completely out in left field, blue is the color for you.

When you think of warm kitchens perfect for a close-knit family, most people think of yellow. Yellow brings about energy, positivity, and freshness, and optimism. Yellow can also help brighten your kitchen while inspiring hunger and happiness. Pair it with a dark or light countertop, both look great with this color. It goes well with the farmhouse style of a down-to-earth household. Bring your family closer together around the island of yellow kitchen.

While you may not think of green for kitchens, it can look homey and elegant when done right. Emerald green looks great with bronze and copper so if you have copper pots you should display them with this color. Green is perfect for a kitchen that is bursting with energy and harmony. Many relaxing discussions can be had at an island in a green kitchen.

Last but not least, we have the color red. A color usually reserved for passion, energy, and adventure. Red kitchens are not for the feint of heart, they are bold and strong. If you are looking for a kitchen to match your fearlessness, red is the color for you. This vibrant kitchen color will attract the eye and inspire creativity.

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