Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Before Starting a Bathroom Remodel

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Before you start your bathroom remodel, there’s a few things you should consider. This guide can help you start your project and get you ready to meet with a bathroom designer.


Before picking out any of your favorite products, decide on a budget. Add in about 10% extra for any problems that arise. You may have mold behind the wall, plumbing or electrical may not be up to code, or a number of other problems. It’s best to have the extra money set aside just in case.


Is your style modern/contemporary or more traditional? Determining this can focus you more into vanity, plumbing fixtures, and lighting styles that will fit together cohesively. Just knowing what colors you prefer can make picking out fixtures easier and faster. For a few bathroom style ideas you can take a look at our gallery.

Size of Your Bathroom

If you want a double vanity but only have the room for a single bowl then you’ll have to factor in an expansion on your room. This can increase your remodeling cost quite a bit. Remember, adding in floating vanities can make the room feel larger. To get a few more ideas on how to make your small bathroom seem larger check out our blog: Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger.

Extras and Add-Ons

Are soft-close doors a must in your household? What about pull-put drawers, lighted mirrors, or rain shower systems? You can plan for must-have products and products you would like to have to know about how much the remodel minus the install will cost.

Plan for the Future

Are you planning on living in your home for another 10 years or are you getting ready to sell? If you plan on staying in your home for awhile then you should look towards higher quality products in finishes and styles you love. For the quick remodel then sell, you can look more at products that are trendy or a classic tried-and-true style.


So, you’re ready to start your bathroom remodel and want to take the next step. Start by setting up an appointment with one of our bathroom designers.

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