Barry Keidel to Retire as Keidel Supply Executive

Barry Keidel to Retire as Keidel Supply Executive

Keidel Supply’s Barry Keidel Retires After 44 Years

CINCINNATI—25 June 2015—Keidel Supply announced today that executive Barry Keidel will retire effective July 2, 2015. Keidel has worked for Keidel Supply, Cincinnati’s largest local plumbing supplier and wholesale distributor, for 44 years.

Keidel grew up in the business, working many different positions at Keidel Supply. He joined shortly after graduating from the University of Cincinnati and took over as President following his father in the early 1990s. Under Barry, the company grew from a neighborhood supply shop to a large showroom and distribution center. Keidel Supply currently has three Ohio locations.

“I’m honored to have spent 44 years with Keidel, and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish during my tenure. I’m excited about my future and confident the company is in good hands.”

-Barry Keidel

In 2009, Keidel brought on Mike Barton as CEO. The company will continue to operate under Barton’s leadership.


Keidel Supply Co. Inc. was founded in 1911 in Norwood, Ohio.  A Cincinnati-based company, it is now a full-service distributor and showroom, filling the plumbing, PVF, cabinetry, lighting, and appliance needs of residential and commercial plumbing contractors, builders, remodelers, and homeowners.