Touchless Faucets, Bidets, and Copper Sinks

Touchless Faucets, Bidets, and Copper Sinks

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Everyone is trying to keep themselves and their families safe from the coronavirus by cleaning their homes and taking a few extra steps throughout the day to stop the spread. Did you know there are also products available now to help you out with keeping your home clean that are cleaning products? You might not have thought about it but how many times do you touch your faucet throughout the day or toilet seat?

Many products have been on the market for awhile now that reduces the amount of times you touch them or completely eliminate the need. Touchless faucets have been slowly growing in popularity. I’m sure you’ve seen public restrooms with touchless faucets, but they are rapidly expanding into kitchens, as well. Speaking of restrooms, bidets are gaining traction in the United States and are already popular in many other countries. A plus side of bidets is that you’ll never run out of toilet paper.

Some products you have to touch, they get dirty and bacteria can build up. You might have heard that copper is anti-microbial which translates to copper sinks being the same. COVID-19 has been found to last on copper for up to 4 hours unlike stainless steel which it can last on up to two to three days. You may still need to clean the sinks from everyday use, Native Trails explains the best way to clean to maintain their finish.

What Keidel Supply is doing to protect the health of our associates and you.

  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the showroom and counter sales areas.
  • A cleaning schedule is being followed every day to wipe down frequently touched surfaces, handles, products, and other areas.
  • Surfaces are also wiped down after clients touch them.
  • Associates who are not feeling well or are sick are encouraged to stay home.
  • Masks are on order for every associate.
  • We are currently practicing social distancing.
  • Keidel now offers virtual appointments and we encourage clients to take advantage of being able to meet with us from the comfort of their home.
  • On top of offering virtual appointments, we are limiting appointments to essential products/projects only. We are not allowing clients to browse our showroom. You can find all our products online at If you have any questions about any products feel free to contact us.

To schedule a virtual or in-person appointment go to out “Schedule Consultation” page and fill out the form. One of our associates will reach out to you to setup a time and date. If you have any questions about what Keidel is doing to stop the spread email