ARC Inc. Curbless Showers

ARC Inc. Curbless Showers

Are you plan on staying in your home for many years to come? Have you thought about some of the ways to help you age in place? Zero-threshold, curbless showers are becoming more popular for their practicality and design. If done correctly, your shower could lose the curb without losing reducing the functionality of the shower.

Health benefits of curbless

Curbless showers make entry and exit much easier and eliminate one of the greatest hazards in a home — more injuries occur stepping over shower curbs and bathtubs than anywhere else. And zero threshold showers are universally accessible, accommodating people of all ages and abilities. Plus, a curbless shower is easy to clean (no more aching back or knees) and the wide-open floor drain simplifies all bathroom cleaning tasks.

There are several reasons to remove the curb, not just for accessibility. Losing the curb to your shower enlarges a bathroom visually and opens the room. Adding glass screens to the shower space allows you to enclose your curbless shower while still maintaining the open-concept shower.

ARC Showers

Shower Base

ARC offers zero-threshold, curbless showers, glass screens, shower seats, and grab bars. ARC showers, when properly installed, will not leak and are totally dependable — they last a lifetime and beyond. The ARC bases are thin and strong, they do not require any compromising cuts into floor joists. They can also be retiled as often as you like.