Appliance Trends in 2020

Appliance Trends in 2020


Red colorful appliance

Colors in the kitchen are on the rise. Appliances are now being made with more color choices and vibrant colors are in! Red, navy blue, orange, any color you could want in a kitchen is available. We are seeing more and more ovens becoming a colorful statement piece in kitchens.  

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances have been growing in numbers for the past several years and this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. The “smart” features of the appliances should be easy-to-use, customizable and enhance lifestyle. There are already voice-controlled capabilities that allows you to control ranges without the use of your hands. Smart appliances aren’t just limited to the kitchen; air conditioners, washing machines, and clothes dryers are also becoming smarter. We are sure to see many other options in the next year.

Steam Ovens

steam oven appliance

Steam ovens are taking over kitchens and it’s for the better. Steam offers a healthier cooking method that retains food’s vitamins and nutrients. A convection steam oven combines steam and dry heat to provide the same benefits as a steam oven but with an extra boost of heat. This allows you to bake and roast in the oven.

Fridge – Matte black

Matte black appliance

Matte black finishes are expected to big a huge hit in 2020. Unlike stainless steel finishes, matte black does not show fingerprints and smudges easily. You do have to be careful with black appliances, though. They work better in large kitchens than in small, dark ones. Undercabinet lighting can help brighten your space if you have your heart set on the black finish.

Vacuum Sealers

Keep your food fresh longer with vacuum sealers. They are even being added to kitchen cabinets for easy access. Vacuum sealers can easily be added to your kitchen remodel and they don’t bust your budget. They pay for themselves with the amount of food kept fresh for longer.