Alternative Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Alternative Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Heating your entire house can get expensive, quick. How can you stay warm without breaking the bank? What about when you’re out shopping for presents? We have a few ways to save money and keep warm this winter.

Heated Blankets

If you’ve ever had a heated blanket you know that they are the best thing since sliced bread. You can cuddle up with a good book, a hot chocolate, and soak in the warmth. I suggest laying it on your bed while getting ready to turn in for the night. Your sheets will be nice and warm when you get in bed.

Keep Yourself Warm

Make sure to move around some to get your blood pumping when you start getting cold. I am a big fan of indoor biking as a way to exercise and keep warm, maybe you like cleaning or yoga. Just remember that when you sit still for long periods of time, you’re going to get cold. When your feet and hands are warm, you are more likely to feel warmth throughout your body. You can do a couple squats occasionally, or wear wool socks.

Get Cozy by the Fire

Many of my favorite memories are from sitting by the fire in my home with a good book or my family. Just make sure your fireplace has been properly serviced. Your chimney should be clear of debris and ready to use before you want to light your first fire.

Use Curtains to Your Advantage

Open your curtains when the sun shines through the window but remember to close them when it is dark. A heavier curtain is also preferable. You may not think about it but cold can seep in through a window at an alarming rate. A curtain adds another layer of protection against the weather.

When Outside Use Heated Everything

Did you know you can purchase heated coats, gloves, and nearly everything in between? Hand warmers are also your friend, you can put them in your boots for warm toes. While wool may not be heated it will keep you a lot warmer than several other materials. If you have the opportunity to drink hot chocolate, don’t pass it up! Warm liquids are also a great way to keep toasty.

Hopefully you can keep a little warmer this winter without spending too much on heating.