All About Washers and Dryers

All About Washers and Dryers

Are you thinking about updating your laundry room appliances? It can be difficult to know which washers and dryers are best for you and your needs. Do you need a top- or front-loading washer, electric or gas dryer? What sizes can you have versus what do you need? We are here to help you with your decision making and if you don’t have an answer by the time you’re done with this article, stop in and speak to a specialist.

What size is right for you?

First, lets go over a few questions to determine your needs. How many people need their clothes washed in your home? Whether you live by yourself or have a large family can determine how many loads you’ll need to do in a week. In other words the larger the washer and dryer, the fewer loads.

Do you have enough room for two full-size appliances? Will the washer and dryer need to be stacked? If you have only a room the of closet, then you will likely need to stack the washer and dryer. There is also the option for a unitized set which connects the washer and dryer into one. Similarly, more room means you have the option of larger than average appliances if you want to do fewer loads.


Is there a set budget to stick with for your appliances? Keep in mind, some of the less costly appliances can cost more in water and energy bills over their lifetime. Energy efficient machines can end up saving you quite a bit of money every year. In other words, you should be on the lookout for energy star ratings if you want to save in the long run.

Extra Thoughts

Top loaders either come with or without an agitator. The post in the middle is an agitator which is used to circulate the laundry. Agitators can be tough on fabric which is why newer models forgo it. Instead, they often have “fins” around the drum to help move the clothing in a gentler way.

Something to remember: your clothes get larger as they dry. Therefore, you will need a dryer with about double the capacity of the washer to ensure your laundry gets dry in one load rather than having to separate the into two.

Below are some examples of washers with their capacity to help you determine which size you will need.

27″W x 35″-43″ T
3.1-4.0 cubic feet
12-16 lbs of clothes
4.2-4.9 cubic feet
1.5-3.0 cubic feet
24-27”Wx 34”T 
1.5-2.5 cubic feet
3 Person home
5.0+ cubic feet
With Pedestal
Standard Size

What Makes 15 lbs Of Laundry?

If you are looking to update your entire laundry room, contact us! We can help design your room for cabinets, a laundry sink, a folding area and your appliances.