6 Simple Kitchen Updates that Make a Big Impact

6 Simple Kitchen Updates that Make a Big Impact

If your kitchen looks dull and uninspiring, it could be time to for a kitchen remodel — but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can make these six affordable, easy kitchen updates to breathe new life into the heart of your home.

1. Upgrade Your Hardware

Shiny new hardware can give your kitchen a new trendy look. Changing your doorknobs, faucets or cabinet pulls gives the kitchen a breath of fresh air. Best of all, you don’t need to deplete your bank account doing it. For the most modern take, try mixing different types of metals like nickel, chrome, aluminum or vinyl.

2. Improve the Lighting

New lighting fixtures can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. If you feel the lighting is dim, out of date or no longer matches the style of your kitchen, it’s time to make a few changes. Here is how to get started:

  • Look for lights that fit the style of your kitchen
  • Replace existing lighting with brighter LED lighting that provides better illumination and saves energy
  • Highlight your kitchen’s custom features with a hanging pendant light
  • Add some under cabinet lighting for a punch of dimension

3. Add a Backsplash

If you’re an HGTV fan, you won’t be surprised by this recommendation. Backsplashes are not only beautiful, they are functional, too! Designed to prevent water damage to the walls behind the kitchen faucet, the multi-purpose kitchen feature is a must for more. A glazed tile backsplash adds visual interest and is easy to clean. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a colorful backsplash to accentuate your kitchen’s appeal.

4. Install Open Shelving

Open shelving is one of the latest trendy kitchen makeover ideas. Open shelves can blend with the color of your kitchen wall, or you can give it a contrasting color for a unique visual effect. Plus, they can increase your overall storage space – who does not like that! Not sure how to utilize open shelving (aside from plates and bowls, of course)? We recommend displaying your best antiques, family treasures and other collectibles!

5. Add a Water Filter

An under-the-sink water filtration system is not as pricey as you think… or as hard to install! Filtration systems help purify your drinking water. Most systems remove chlorine and other bacterial contaminants, giving homeowners a better smelling and tasting hydration source. Say “Bye, Bye!” to your plastic water bottles!

6. Buy a New Dishwasher

How can you tell it’s time to get a one? When your water and electric bills start climbing! A Energy Star dishwasher can save upwards of 500 gallons of water a year!

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