Many of the design trends you’ll see in 2022 have been growing in popularity for years. 2022 will see more of a pull towards turning your bathroom into a spa-like space. These are the top 5 bathroom trends we think will rule next year.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are the level up for bathrooms. Completely waterproof flooring and fixtures are needed in this type of bathroom. Almost every material that goes into the construction of a wet room is designed to get wet. (Remember, you’ll have to get a damp or wet rated light fixture.) Wet rooms usually feature glass enclosed showers with a freestanding tub. You will also often see rain heads along with other showerheads and sprays.

Biophilic designs

Biophilic designs have been growing in popularity for the past several years, especially during the lockdowns. Biophilic designs refer to bringing the outside in. It focuses on bringing into buildings the aspects of nature that contribute to our health and wellbeing. Adding more natural light, plants, and water features (such as a rain showerhead) all contribute to a biophilic bathroom.

Multiple Water Outlets

Speaking of showerheads, we are seeing a lean towards multiple showerheads and sprays. With more people deciding on replacing the traditional style bathroom with a wet room, multiple water outlets can contribute to the spa-like experience. Each showerhead and spray can have a different setting for pressure and temperature. You can also add steam for the complete experience.

Quartz Walls

Quartz walls are becoming popular in part because of the wet room rise, they are already waterproof by design. They can also create a statement or blend into the rest of the bathroom. There are several other reasons people are choosing quartz over tile and surrounds: durability, ease of cleaning, and a multitude of design options.


Bidets are still being sought after even though the toilet paper crisis has subsided. They offer a cleaner result and you’ll save on toilet paper. Bidets are already incredibly popular in other countries and they will continue to grow in use in the US.

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Photography: Tatjana Plitt on Unsplash