Want to know the key bathroom upgrades to make when remodeling your bathroom?

This article will give you three bathroom upgrades to consider when remodeling. These tips can transform your bathroom into a personal spa while simultaneously adding a possible $10,000 to the value of your home!

1: Comfort Height Toilet

Toilets come in a variety of heights, but a standard toilet is usually between 14 1/2″ – 15 3/8″ tall. However, many people tend to find this height to be too low to be comfortable.

Comfort height toilets however are a bit taller. Ranging from
16 1/2″ – 17 1/8″ in height, people find these toilets a bit more comfortable. The extra height makes it easier to sit down without falling, and stand up without putting stress on the knees.

2: Thermostatic Valves

We get it, something called a thermostatic valve doesn’t sound exciting. But, it’s probably one of the best elements to incorporate into your bathroom. Thermostatic Mixing Valves prevent scalding or thermal shock by controlling the temperature of the hot water passing through them. These valves can be preset to any temperature between 60°F and 120°F with flow up to 20 gpm.

3: 34″ High Vanities/Sinks

Standard bathroom vanities and sinks are 30” high. That may not sound bad, but hunching over a small vanity to wash your hands isn’t fun! 34″ vanities are the same height as kitchen base cabinets. 34″ vanities can come with an open toe space, or with a 4″ high drawer at the bottom. This means your vanity doesn’t only provide more usable storage space, but are also more comfortable.

Including these 3 bathroom upgrades in your remodel can subtly transform your bathroom to be more comfortable and convenient.

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