Commercial & Mechanical

Commercial plumbing and mechanical contractors receive unrivaled customer service from Keidel’s devoted commercial team. Our experienced staff, extensive product knowledge, and strong vendor relationships help provide you with excellent service and timely delivery, making your project practically effortless. We are the supplier of choice in the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Columbus areas.
  • We stock a broad breadth of inventory in a centrally-located facility and pipe yard. Plain-end and grooved steel pipe, as well as welded fittings and valves, are stocked through 12”. Cast iron soil pipe and fittings are stocked through 8”.
  • We maintain a private truck fleet of eighteen 26’ stakebodies and box vans and are always ready to make timely deliveries to your job sites and facilities.
  • We are a member of Affiliated Distributors (AD), a buying group consisting of 618 independent distributors with $26 billion in annual purchases.
  • We utilize a 75,000-square-foot distribution center with 30’ clear ceiling for efficient storage and shipping.
  • We operate a 60,000-square-foot covered pipe yard, protecting pipes from harsh environmental conditions, as well as a 4 acre non-covered pipe yard.
  • We employ a specialized Commercial and Mechanical staff, ensuring quality sourcing, pricing, and order accuracy.
  • Our personnel are on call 24/7-365 for emergency service of commercial water heater replacements and other critical issues.

Keidel Commercial & Mechanical Services

  • Tailored job shipping
  • Jobsite delivery
  • Same day delivery
  • PM delivery
  • Before 8AM delivery
  • 24/7-365 Emergency delivery
  • Stair climber for commercial water heater pickup and delivery
  • Professional submittals provided